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Lessons learned from my summer internship at Cora Systems

Lessons learned from my summer internship at Cora Systems

Marketing Intern Orla Flynn looks back on the six weeks she spent with Cora this summer and how the experience has benefited her.

Working as a marketing intern in Cora Systems has been a stimulating, insightful and joyful experience. Although I was only part of the dynamic marketing team for 6 weeks, I was fortunate enough to get an insight into the work, culture and activities in Cora Systems.


On my first day, I had a very warm welcome to the team. I was instantly made feel at ease and accepted. This made the transition from student life to working life in a company even smoother. I had been set up on the system and was ready to go!

During my time in Cora, I learned a lot of valuable information. I was shown how to use the various software programmes involved in the social media campaigns and was given the independence to run these campaigns. I also helped write the monthly newsletters and compiled brand survey information. Throughout my internship, I compiled research for a competitor analysis from a marketing perspective. I presented the findings of this analysis to the marketing team. I cannot deny how nervous I felt but I also felt so privileged to be given such an incredible opportunity. I was lucky enough to be included in some big moments for Cora during my stay. I was involved in the office refurbishment both in our headquarters in Carrick and our UK office which brought a lot of fun. There was never a dull moment during my time at Cora from office refurbishments to competitor analysis, I was always kept busy!

Not only have I learned a lot more about marketing during my internship but I have also learned a wide range of new skills. Firstly, I have learned the true value of teamwork. Most of my tasks involved working with other members of the team. Working in the marketing team has enabled me to see how successful teamwork can benefit a whole organisation. This is a crucial skill that will not only help me in the world of work but also for my final year of college. Furthermore, I harnessed the skill of time management. Working in Cora I had to be aware of deadlines and develop the skill of balancing tasks. Finally, I feel that the biggest benefit I gained from my internship is confidence. Throughout my time at Cora, I was encouraged to trust myself and my own capabilities. Although the experience was daunting, to begin with, the experiences that I have gained have enabled me to become much more confident in myself and my capabilities.

Without a doubt, the experiences and relationships which I made throughout my time in Cora Systems have benefited me both in a professional and personal capacity. In my opinion, the skills and knowledge that I have learned at Cora will have a significant impact on my performance in college. I was extremely fortunate to be offered such a fantastic opportunity of working in Cora Systems with such a dynamic group of people.


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