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Cora Systems and 7 Lenses of Transformation

Earlier this year the UK government unveiled a transformation portfolio of over 50 major projects which aims to realise nearly £50 Billion in benefits. As part of the enabling process they released a practical guide for understanding complex transformations called 7 Lenses of Transformation, which aims to assist departments and agencies in delivering the projects.

The 7 Lenses of Transformation are as follows:

  • Vision – “The vision gives clarity around the social outcomes of the transformation and sets out the key themes of how the organisation will operate.”
  • Design – “The design sets out how the different organisations and their component parts will be configured and integrated to deliver the vision.”
  • Plan – “The plan needs to retain sufficient flexibility to be adapted as the transformation progresses while providing confidence of delivery.”
  • Transformation Leadership – “Delivering a transformation often means motivating into action a large network of people who are not under the direct management of the transformation leader.”
  • Collaboration – “Collaboration is key to transformation in a multidimensional environment that increasingly cuts across organisational boundaries.”
  • Accountability – “Having clear accountability for transformation within an organisation enables productivity and improved decision making, and leads to better outcomes.”
  • People – “Transformation will require people in your organisation to be engaged and to change their ways of working”

On releasing the 7 Lenses Kevin Cunnington (Director General, Government Digital Service) and Tony Meggs (Chief Executive, Infrastructure and Projects Authority) said:
“While the benefits of transformation can be huge, delivering these projects can be incredibly challenging. By their very nature, complex transformations usually involve significant organisational and cultural change, introducing new ways of working, and experimenting with new and innovative technology. Importantly, much of this needs to be delivered at the same time.”

For close to two decades Cora has assisted Government and other public sector bodies in implementing successful transformation programs. In this special report Solutions Architect Tom Davies outlines how Cora PPM already aligns with the aims of the 7 Lenses of Transformation.

To find out more about how Cora can help your organization successfully deliver transformation programmes request a personalised demo using the form below.

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