Aerospace & Defense Project Management

Streamline and centralize all your data across design build and service

What we do

We make sure that everything you do and make is delivered on time and on budget, thanks to our seamless integration of your schedules, your financial controls and any existing processes.

How we do it

By streamlining and centralizing all your data, in real time, giving you immediate and effortless visibility into every project and across your portfolio.

What that means

Those gaps between planned and actual costs and delivery are eliminated, so your costs and waste go down and your margins and revenue soar.

Watch this video

We’ve been working with companies in the Aerospace & Defense industry for more than two decades now. Have a look at this use case video (3 mins 50 secs), explaining how Cora’s ‘Supply chain synchronize with schedule’ helps you align resources and reduce waste and costs.

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Say Good-bye to delays

One of the chief characteristics of the Aerospace and Defense sector is the complexity that results from its sheer size. There are, literally, millions of individual parts and components needed to produce an aeronautical engine. Every single one of which produces its own data set.

What we do is to ensure that all that data is meticulously tracked and precisely logged. So you can react to any issues that arise. And everything gets delivered on schedule and on budget.

Your problems, our solutions

We understand your pains. For more than two decades, we’ve helped firms in the aerospace and defense industry to track all the data produced by the parts, materials and assets moving through their supply chain.
The problem:
Budget deviation, and financial control issues
If your project begins to go off track our embedded “BI” and analytics widgets will help you to spot the early warning signs instantly, enabling you to take action before it's too late
The problem:
Project forecasting is difficult as data is held in silos
We make it easier to centralize, standardize, and manage all project data from concept to closeout, across design, build, and service
Ready to see how Cora works?

We know how busy you all are, so we’ve produced 3 different types of demos for you to choose from.

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Aerospace & Defense project management FAQs
Why use aerospace and defense project management software?

One of the most important things for any company working in the aerospace and defense sector is that you’re  DCAA compliant . It’s vital that the DoD is happy with the way you present your accounts, as the U.S. government is by far and away the biggest client in the sector. And that the software you use to organize all that is compatible with the systems that they employ. Cora has extensive experience working with a number of the industry’s biggest players, and our software is recognized throughout the industry.

What are the benefits of aerospace and defense project management software?

Our PPM software streamlines all your processes, and centralizes all your data. So all the data produced by the thousands of different parts and materials that are needed for the incredibly complex business of aeronautical engineering can be carefully tracked and monitored. So you’ll always know how everything is progressing as makes its way through your supply chain.

What are some of the key features of aerospace and defense project management software?

One of the most useful features that our software solution provides you with are the earned value management (EVM) metrics that are embedded into all our products. So you can track and monitor your planed costs and schedule, against your actual costs and delivery.

Another of our key features is that Cora is famously easy to use. That’s because we’ve designed and built our products to be no/low code solutions. So it guarantees enthusiastic buy-in across your entire organization.

Can the software be integrated with other products?

For many of our customers, this is our most important feature. Crucially, Cora can be seamlessly integrated with any of your existing processes or software platforms. So whatever systems you employ will be coordinated and organized through the one, central hub. In effect, we make you the control tower, enabling you to precisely orchestrate all your activities.